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RRteam is a company in Laukaa, Central Finland, organising rally events for companies, their personnel, guests, groups of friends, individuals, anyone who wishes to have an unforgettable experience by rally sport. Corporate parties, meetings, birthdays, bachelor parties… You name it! The personal experience of makes it memorable! Besides all the fun, RRteam rally events provide a fantastic opportunity to explore the world of rally yourself.

Feel the rally yourself in the RRteam rally simulator

Our unique rally simulator, made by Team Simrac Finland Ltd, allows you to experience how it feels to drive a rally car. Braking, accelerating, sliding, crests, jumps, even crashes, you can feel them as though as like driving a real rally car. Sound effects and magnificent landscape gives a realistic atmosphere of rally driving but all this happens comfortably and safely indoors. RRteam offers you the opportunity to drive in Ouninpohja, the legendary special stage of the Finnish World Championship Rally, by a Ford Focus WRC of which the operation and behaviour are modelled and programmed basing on the data logged of a factory team rally car at Ouninpohja in a real WRC rally competition.

Get the rally feeling and book your personal driving time in the RRteam rally simulator, just for yourself or together with a group of drivers.

RRteam rally simulator is an interesting attraction element for exhibition stands, opening ceremonies and other events. Ask more about this possibility!

Real feeling in a competition car

How does the Finnish gravel road look like through the windscreen in the flat out speed? With us, you can feel the speed yourself as a co-driver or even behind the steering wheel of a real rally car. RRteam organizes memorable rally co-driver experiences or customer´s own rally competitions where you can get a personal touch of the rally speed and feeling. The co – driver experience, either in itself or combined to rally simulator event, is a good gift idea for example anniversary.

Professionally organized VIP-program as a part of the Finnish World Championship Rally

Since 2003 we have arranged a number of VIP-events during the Finnish World Championship Rallies for our customers providing their guests unforgettable experiences like a combination of VIP special stage visits, rally simulator, co-driver experience, sauna and delicious food. All in one completely and professionally organised package, tailored just for the specified needs of the customer.

All our events are easy to combine with accommodation, food and sauna. Just tell us your wishes and the number of persons and we will specify and organise your favourite program!

Contacts for reaching us

Tapio Riipinen
+358 (0)400 642 868

Jani Laitinen
+358 (0)40 7338 878

Lauri Riipinen
+358 (0)50 3110 360


Simulator studio and RRteam Power Stage
Suolahdentie 255
41350 Laukaa as.

Puolukkarinne 7
41340 Laukaa

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